Should You Add Pinterest to Your Social Media Strategy?

Should You Add Pinterest to Your Social Media Strategy?

One of the big questions I get asked as a social media strategist is, "Should I have a business Pinterest account?" Most clients question the ROI of Pinterest and whether it is worth their time. Below are a few keys to help you decide if being on Pinterest is right for you and your company.

Do you already have traffic coming from Pinterest?

The key benefit to companies being on Pinterest is increasing the traffic to their website. If you have appealing content that people like they will "pin" it on Pinterest. From there if the content is good and a product or service they want, people will "repin" the pin. Once your content is circulating on Pinterest, some customers may decide they would like the product or service that they pinned. When people click on the pin, they are redirected back to your website and potentially buy from your site.

It see if you should be on Pinterest, you need to look at your current website traffic. This can be done either through Google Analytics or the back-end of your website. These tools tell you where your traffic is coming from and you may already have traffic coming from Pinterest. If you see a decent amount of traffic is coming from Pinterest, then you would likely benefit from having a business account.

Do you have continuous high quality visual content?

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.27.27 PM
Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.27.27 PM

The successful content on Pinterest are the pins that are visually appealing. Whether you are in a B2C industry or B2B, those that have content that is appealing and relevant will see a ROI from Pinterest. Your visual content cannot just be promotional, but the content must be items that your customers would want to share and expresses them. This content can be photography, graphic design, or even videos.  If you do have content that is visually appealing and you can continue to produce high quality content, then Pinterest may be for you.

Do you have time for Pinterest?

For the most part, all social media is labor-intensive. If you are running your own social media, you can either have a presence in all of the networks and burn yourself out or pick a few and do them well. All social media is not created equally and not all companies will see success in it; which is why it is important to understand who is using each network and pick the ones that best fits your company and customers. I always say if you cannot make the time for social media, it is best to stay out. Nothing looks worse to a customer than having a social media platform that has not been updated in months, let alone years. It is my opinion that if you do not have the time, then do not mess with it. But ifyou do not have the time, but know it is right for your customers and you answered "yes" to the 2 previous questions, then perhaps it is time to think about hiring someone to manage it for you (insert self promotion here ;).

Time to make a decision...

Pinterest is a great tool for driving traffic and creating and displaying your brand, company culture, and products. If you already have social media traffic, have strong and continuous visual content, and have time or cash to devote to this platform, then Pinterest is a good choice for your company. If you need help getting started or are looking for someone to help teach or manage your social media, take a look at my social media services. If you don't find what you are looking for, shoot me an e-mail at Kersten at Speakeasy Market

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