Today, approximately 78 percent of customers trust recommendations by their peers and friends over all traditional forms of advertising.

Word-of-mouth marketing has moved from simply talking in-person with peers to the addition of the use of social media. People look up brands online through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to chat with others about them, exchanging experiences, thoughts, and overall opinions of brands. Social media has become the newest form of customer service and the digital era has created a HUGE opportunity for brands to harness these newfound marketing tools.

Social media is where Speakeasy shines. We do all the work so you can focus on what you do best! Unlike many social media management companies, Speakeasy will develop a strategy that best suits your business, picking social media platforms that fit your company's needs, making your social media dollars cost effective.

Speakeasy manages the following platforms and many more…


Social Media Branding & Visibility (Can your customers find you?):

  • We put your best foot forward and make you look your best on websites your customers frequent.
  • Using the power of social media, we build a virtual storefront for your products and services.
  • Harnessing the power of Social Media and SEO, we make sure people find you online.

Quick Response Monitoring (Building customer loyalty through timely responses):

  • Social media monitoring is like second nature, tracking what customers are saying about you round the clock.
  • Customers want quick responses from brands,we take care of their reviews and messages quickly.
  • Monitoring your brand also is instilled by your responses to customers, we thank people for their reviews and properly respond to negative ones.
  • Letting you get back to what you do best, we monitor and keep track of your online reputation.

Virtual Word of Mouth (Powerful in the 20s and 10x’s more powerful in the Digital World):

  •  Word of Mouth Marketing is a powerful tool and social media is a more permanent version of it, we make sure it is positively benefiting you.
  • Quality over quality is our philosophy with social media, we make sure your platforms are posting quality things that engage your customers and create a conversation.
  • Speakeasy will develop promotional campaigns on your platforms that increase engagement and positive reviews of your brand.

Reporting and Analysis (Easy to understand analytics so we stay on course to your goals):

  • We monitor and analyze your online performance and continually adjust and improve in order to help you reach your goals.
  • Reports can be confusing, so we create reports that are not only easy to understand, but we highlight the what is relevant to you and your goals.

Why hire Speakeasy to manage your Social Media?

  • Time Saver  |  With us managing your online presence, you can get back to the core of your business and let us handle the day to day operations of building your brand online.
  • Customized Social Media Strategy  |  We customize your social media strategy and select the platforms that will give you the best ROI and exposure for your business.
  • Captivating Content  |  not all social media posts are created equal, we work to produce content on social media that is relevant to your customer.
  • Consistency  |  Across every social media platform, Speakeasy will keep your brand consistent, which makes all content we push sound as if it is coming straight from you.

Social Media Management Packages


Basic Social Mgmt.
Manage 2 Platforms
Posting 2-3 times per/wk
1 Custom Facebook Tab


Cat's Pajamas

Intermediate Social Mgmt.
Manage 3 Platforms
Posting 5-7 times per/wk
2 Custom Facebook Tabs
2 Custom Image Posts


The Bee's Knees

Advanced Social Mgmt.
Manage 4 Platforms
Posting 10-20 times per/wk
3 Custom Facebook Tabs
3 Custom Image Posts
1 Blog Post per/mo


The Ritz

Premium Social Mgmt.
Manage 4 Platforms
Posting 15-30 times per/wk
5 Custom Facebook Tabs
4 Custom Image Posts
2 Blog Posts per/mo
1 Infographic per/mo



*The pricing above is for companies that have profiles already created. For those needing a platform developed from scratch, additional set-up fees will apply.

For those with fan/follower counts over 10,000 customized pricing will apply.


Additional Social Media Platform Add-Ons:


$125 Facebook Package

Customized Cover Image
Page Optimization
Facebook Advertising Set-Up

$150 Twitter Package

Customized Cover Image
Page Optimization
1 month of Customized Twitter Growth Management


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