Having Trouble Staying Productive? Here's How You are Destroying Your Productivity

Having Trouble Staying Productive?

Here's How You are Destroying Your Productivity

We are going to take a quick break from talking about Twitter and distract you with ways to distract yourself. These great tips below from Marketo are sure to show you how to stay productive and get your best work done. Personally I struggle with most of these. The cluttered desk is definitely true for me, since I cannot get as much done when I am in a messy environment.

Take a look and see what actions are keeping you from being productive.


Can you think of any other tasks that keep you for doing you best on the job at hand? Here are some positive actions you can take to assist in your productivity:

  • List your top priorities to complete the night before. 
  • Block out time in your calendar to complete top priority tasks.
  • Complete the task you are least looking forward to completing first thing in the morning.
  • Allow yourself scheduled breaks.

Avoiding the actions in the productivity infographic and the tips above will help you stay on point and help you accomplish more within your workday. Try out a few and see if you see your work improve. Leave a comment below letting us know your progress or send me an e-mail at kersten at Speakeasy Market Strategies dot com.

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