Started a Twitter Account? Now Let's Maximize Your Tweets.

Starting a Twitter Account for Business is Half the Battle

If you have read my earlier post and you are here, you have decided to start a Twitter account for your business. Signing up the just the start. Anyone can follow the steps to start an account, but it is another story be able to make your tweets work for you right away. But, using Twitter effectively can be taught and learned over time.

The following infographic from Fuse Work Studio gives some great insights on how to maximize your tweets for your business and efficiently use your time and money.


twitter infographic best practices maximizing your tweets infographic

A Twitter infographic by Fusework Studios

Essentially Twitter is not a conversation...

Instead, it creates a way for your business to reach customers in a new way and increase brand awareness.

Twitter isnt a conversation

Look for my upcoming post which will show you what you should be posting as a company and how I leverage Twitter for my business and clients. Feel free to leave a comment with your input on how you want to use Twitter to grow your business.

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If you have read this article and need help setting up your new Twitter Business Account feel free to send me an e-mail at Kersten at Speakeasy Market Strategies dot come. I do also have social media management programs available for those that need Twitter, but would like someone to manage it for them.