Losing Engagement — Getting the Most From Your Facebook Posts

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It is not new to hear that Facebook has once again chanced their algorithm. Their reasoning, to make a better experience for Facebook users, pushing more updates from friends and family, meaning even less will see your business page posts. I don’t know about you, but I am not buying it. For a long while it has become clear that Facebook has turned into a pay-to-play platform and now it is even more apparent. Before this last update, only 2-5% of those following your page saw your updates and now it is even less. Facebook is pushing you to engage with their ad platform and pay to reach not only new customers, but even those that have already liked your page. 

So what is a small business owner to do? 

Here are a few guidelines to help you hack the new algorithm and get as much engagement as you can with little effort and cost. 

1. Begin Investing In Facebook Ads

And no, this does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. For those skeptics, I will tell you that the Facebook ad platform is one of the most robust in digital marketing. You are able to target from interests to buying behaviors…..what other marketing platform can do that? Certainly not Twitter ads, print ads, TV, or radio. 

With just $1 a day and a little training (or help from a marketing consultant like myself) you can reach your target, obtain new customers, and get eyeballs on your business. For my clients on average, spending $1/day will get around 10 - 25 new likes a week. 

2. Boosted Posts

Boosting posts are recommended, but sparingly. Only spend money to boost posts that are directing people towards a marketing objective, like sale of a product, service, e-mail sign-up, contest, etc. The more you boost posts, the less engagement you will get on non-boosted posts over time, so again use sparingly. 

3. Create Videos

For organic, unique posts, video is key as you will get more interaction because of Facebook's algorithm. You don't have to invest in videography and expensive videos. Quick simple tools like your iPhone and a mobile tripod will do the trick. Social media should not just be about pretty pictures, ads, and posts, but telling the behind the scenes story of your brand.

Unlike other post types, video is the one that Facebook loves the most. On average you will get 3 - 5 times more views on video posts than photos, link, and plain text posts. The new introduction of Facebook Live proves this point. Facebook created a complete new video platform because they see the value in video and how appealing it is to users. Make sure if you spend time to make a video that you don’t upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and the paste the link on Facebook. Facebook wants the videos hosted with them and those that do it get rewarded with better exposure.

4. Shared Posts

If you do not have time to create your own content, you can share other people’s content. This will not get you more engagement, unless you pick to share posts that are relevant to your audience. From me and my clients, if I am going to share someone else’s content, I look towards bigger brands that I know resonate with my audience. When you are searching for pieces of content to share, don’t just pick those that you find interested and relevant, but pick those that others do as well. It is these posts that will have a higher likelihood of engagement once shared onto your page as opposed to those that are less engaged with. Facebook looks at it with the perspective that the post has already resonated with many and will likely with more so it will give you more exposure to those following your page.

These are just a few tips to ensure that the content you do post on your business page get the highest likelihood of engagement. Facebook will continue to whittle down the number of those that see your posts, which is why you need to continue to post relevant content for your audience. There are always exceptions to these rules, but following these guidelines will get you started. For more help with social media management, feel free to contact me. As always, Speakeasy offers a free digital analysis of your digital marketing. Click here to get started.