Implementing New Years Resolutions

We are in our third week of the New Year, which means everyone is in full throttle when it comes to their resolutions. Having New Years resolutions for yourself are a great way to start the year by focusing your energy on change for the upcoming year. The same concept should apply to your business as well. Here are some tips for setting resolutions in your business: 1. Write Them Down

So many times we say we have resolutions, but writing them down will solidify them and keep you more committed. If you have a business with employees, print them out and place them in a communal area to remind people of the positive changes you are wanting to make in the business this year.

2. Measure Your Progress

Just like any business plan you make, you must have a measure of success. Plan small goals to reach your resolution and set the dates for checking your progress to keep you and your company accountable. Creating an action plan will ensure your business makes the necessary steps towards success.

3. Make Adjustments

After your first evaluation of your progress towards your resolution you may need to see the reality of reaching your resolution. This will take you truly taking a look at the progress you have made and make necessary changes to carry out the business goal.

4. Set New Resolutions

At the end of the year, access your progress you made towards your goals for the previous year. Then create new resolutions for your business for the new year, taking into account the growth you saw in the previous year.

As an example, here are the resolutions I have made for myself and business for 2014:

1. Blog at least once a week.

To do this I am actually doing a kick-start program by committing to blog once a day for the next 100 days. This goal was inspired by the video below and the movement. The blogging resolution will help me grow as a writing to reach my goal of writing an eBook and will help with my SEO for my company website (gotta love hitting two birds with one stone).

[youtube id="I5FkshLcNLQ" width="550" height="300" align="center"]

2. Grow my knowledge through continued learning.

This goal has been on my mind for months and as I was driving back home from Texas I began implementing this goal by subscribing for Audible. If any of you are like me, I have piles of business books that I never seem to be able to read, which is why I want to make refining my skills through learning a priority. Each month I get 1 free audiobook for $14.99 that comes directly to my iPhone and I can listen to it in my car, gym, wherever and this will help me reach my goal. P.S. If you do sign up the code FREEBOOK may help get you 2 free audio books when you sign up.

3. Make accounting a priority.

As a consultant and small agency, accounting is an essential part of running a business. In all honesty it is my LEAST favorite part about running a business, but it is a necessary evil. Therefore this year I am going to set aside more time to take care of my books and to start I am purchasing a Neat Receipt to help me manage my receipts and stay more organized. My action plan for this is to work on my books at least twice a month.

Now that you have seen my goals and ways to help you stick to yours, comment below with a few of your own for your business and how you plan to stick to them.