Does Your Website Have a Strategic Goal? - A Speakeasy Case Study

Most businesses today know they need to have a presence online and to many it means building a website to drive business. Unlike what most people think, a website should not just be a simple brochure or place to tell prospects what they do, but your website needs to have a strategic goal. Your website should be designed to drive traffic to reach the goals you have set. Let's take a look at website that Speakeasy had the pleasure of creating.

BiosCorp - The Case of Human Resources

When I first became connected to my client, BiosCorp they expressed the main issue they were faced with was human resources and finding qualified candidates to join their team. Let's take a look what what they were working with:


When looking at their homepage, here were some issues that caught my eye:

  • Difficulty reading the font due to size.
  • Multiple fonts and colors not branded together.
  • Links that were not displaying properly.
  • Overall very busy and difficult to navigate.

Since their main objective was employment, here is what their application page looked like:


From the interior page you can see there was room for improvement. And so I, along with my designers began the process of refreshing their website to reach their goal of increasing applications and making the process of applying for positions seamless. Below is our final product which you can view for yourself at


So what makes this redesign reach their goals and an improvement from their previous site?

  • The branding is consistent throughout the website.
  • It is very apparent this site is driving people to apply to work for them.
  • The interior pages feature their employees and people they work with, which expresses the culture of the company.
  • The site is easy to navigate and viewers can easily get reach their desired area of the site within a few clicks.
  • Social media is easily seen and viewers can connect with Bios quickly.

You may be thinking, Kersten that is great you were able to help your client, but what do I need to know when I am building my website. Start with these questions in mind before you begin the process of building a website.

  • What is the goal of your website? Are you wanting to increase sales, purchase something online, and/or have prospects call you?
  • Who is your target market?
  • When people see your branding and marketing materials do they know what you do?
  • Does your branding express your company culture?

Taking time to think through and answer these questions is your first step to creating or updating your digital marketing. The following are key points to keep in mind when you do begin updating your digital media.

  • Be consistent - Your branding needs to be consistent across ALL platforms, both digital and traditional.
  • Keep it simple - Visitors of your website need to be able to easily navigate your website in as few clicks as possible.
  • Express yourself - Your company has a culture and brand that needs to be expressed in your marketing. Brands that stand out and are not afraid to show their colors are the ones that will see success, especially in the digital is all about TRANSPARENCY.

If you are ready to begin the process of updating your website and/or branding and would like a consult, simply contact me by sending me an e-mail or message me on your social media platform choice (you know I am on all of's not like social media is my life ;) Also if this post was helpful to you, comment below or share it using the buttons below.

The Marketing Dame

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